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The following Reporters/Journalist are fully authorized under the Freedom of Press Act in the 1st Amendment of the Constitution for the United States of America. Therefore are permitted on ANY PUBLIC property at ANY time to take photos and/or video for their reports. Any attempt to interfere with such actions to the following Reporters/Journalist violating their 1st Amendment will be met with severe legal treason charges & political consequences.
NOTICE to all City, State, and Federal Law Enforcement/Officials.
The 1st Amendment trumps ANY policy and/or ANY city, state, or federal law. INCLUDING HR 347, The Patriot Act, & the National Defense Authorization Act. Which means any of these laws are NULL & VOID if they are repundant to the Constitution for the United States of America.

For Contact Verification:
Dan Bidondi 401-744-7199

"Truth Warrior" Dan Bidondi
Host of Truth Radio & Truth TV
Founder of We Are Change Blackstone Valley RI-MA
Documentary Film Maker
Investigative Reporter-Journalist
Analyst/Researcher/Activist Leader/Bible Prophecy Major/Occult-Illuminati Historian
Badge Status/Expiration: Good/12-31-2018

Kevin Laprade
Truth Radio Show Producer-Investigative Reporter-Activist-Videographer
Badge Status/Expiration: Good/12-31-2018

Richard Anatone
Co-Host of Truth Radio
Investigative Reporter/Journalist/Documentary Film Maker
Badge Status/Expiration: Good/12-31-2018

"The Wolf" Phil Davis
Investigative Reporter/Production Crew/UFO Researcher
Badge Status/Expiration: Good/12-31-2018

James Stallings Jr.
Mid-West Correspondent Investigative Reporter
Badge Status/Expiration: Good/12-31-2018

Ashley Jones
Investigative Reporter/Journalist/Producer
Badge Status/Expiration: Good/12-31-2018

Salvatore Caiozzo
Investigative Reporter/Production Crew
Badge Status/Expiration: Good/12-31-2018

Heather Marderosian
Investigative Reporter
Badge Status/Expiration: Good/12-31-2018

Badge Expiration: Kevin Laprade, Will Turbitt, Jason Bidondi, & Kenneth Allen Jr
Badge Status Good/12-31-2018

Anon Dawn
European Correspondent Reporter
Badge Status/Expiration: Good/12-31-2018

Truth Radio Show News Media and it's staff are fully authorized & legally protected under the Freedom of Press, Speech, Expression, & Religion Act established as the 1st Amendment of the Constitution for the United States of America.